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Guaranty Title Company can provide more than just escrow services and title insurance. Below is a list of other title search services we provide:
Title Report – This is a written report pertaining to a specific piece of property. The report reflects the current record title owners of the specific property, as well as any encumbrances, liens and other matters found of record relating to the property.  Copies of all documents relating to the property are included with the report. Call for pricing information.
Run Sheet – This is a chronological list of all matters filed for record affecting either a particular piece of property or a particular named person. Copies of all documents relating to the property are included with the report. Call for pricing information.
Lien Search – The report includes last vesting deed and any deeds of trust (including assignments of liens), other outstanding liens, and abstract of judgments of records. Call for pricing information.
Nothing Further Certificate – This report includes copies of all documents filed against a specific piece of property from a certain date forward. Call for pricing information – pricing for certificate will be different depending on whether the request is to come forward from the date of a policy issued by Guaranty Title Company.
Foreclosure Certificate – This report is for lenders to determine the status of title prior to foreclosure. It will show all matters found of record from the date of the lender’s lien, which would affect the validity or priority of the lien. Call for pricing information.
Chain of Title – Includes reference to and copies of all deeds filed since a specific date. Pricing as follows: 12 to 24 month $100.00; 25 to 48 months $150.00; Over 48 months $200.00+ depending on time required.
Title Evidence – This is a report provided only to other title companies, specifically title companies outside of Grimes County who are closing transactions involving Grimes County property. Guaranty Title Company will provide title evidence in the form of Schedule A, B, and C of a Commitment for Title Insurance. Guaranty Title Company will not make any judgments regarding requirements for the closing of the transaction or the issuance of any title policy. Title evidence is provided to out of county title companies for a portion of the premium to be paid for the policy. In regards to premium splits, Guaranty Title Company adheres strictly to TDI Rule P-24 unless there is a prior written agreement with your title company.
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